Thursday, October 2, 2008

X Returns

X called this morning as I was walking out the door. I passed the
phone to BeBop but X wanted to talk to me. He asked if he can call
this weekend and have me change his plane ticket to next weekend.
Hmmm. I said fine then reminded him that, since he has been gone more
than 3 months, the house is rented. He said "how many rooms did they
rent?". Dumbass! Then he asked me to look into hotels for him. Lmao!
My mouth almost opened to tell him he could stay with bebop a few
nights but I managed to stuff that codependent tendency down.
Reminded him he has former coworkers he can call for help. Now we
will see. I'm not telling bebop until X,s butt is in the plane seat!

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