Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ms. Single Mama wrote a post today that really spoke to me. She said that she keeps feeling like something is missing in her new relationship and it turns out to be drama, disrespect, etc. -- basically, the bad boy factor.

She said:
“I’m not all giddy, crazy, head in the clouds in love with him like I normally am with men. Instead we’re just slowly developing this deep friendship and I feel very calm.”

“That’s okay. It’s normal and very adult. You just need to re-learn some things, re-learn how you see things and feel things, that’s all. We can fix this kiddo!”

I TOTALLY got this! I think I'm realizing more and more that a lot of my relationship issues come from MY reaction to what I think the person should be doing based on my imprinting not based on any realistic understanding of who they are. Now I am NOT saying that BECG2 is "the one" or that we have a future. But I need to stop sabotaging the fun time we are having because something is missing. He is kind to me. He makes me laugh. I really enjoy sex with him. So I need to QUIT the racing mind "what is missing? what is missing? what is missing?", at least for right now.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

So little time

I am soooo sick. Darn cold. Came on last night and is kicking my butt today. My nose won't stop running so I am now sporting chapped cheeks and a pile of coffee table tissues. I am trying to be productive and it just isn't working out.

I had to spend an hour with X today. It was sooooo unpleasant because I was just pissed that I had to be there and he was like, "WTF is up your butt?" The salesperson said, "okay, you two, this isn't divorce court."

Then I got a lecture at my Divorce group today about how sex can only be truly special and spiritual within the confines of marriage. Whatever. I pled the Fifth since I knew I was in a grouchy mood and then finally spoke up and said, "Look, this whole "masturbation is the devil's tempting you thing" just seems wrong. I don't appreciate the video shaming women into feeling bad about their normal sexual needs. God made us to seek companionship. For those women who choose to keep sex within marriage, I don't see any problem with masturbation (or porn - but I didn't say that." Geez.

Then a woman who just got out of a 30-year marriage with a man who is porn and hooker addicted said, "But what if you wait until the wedding night and the man is no good?" Then she wailed, "I just cannot do that again!!!" LOL.

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