Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ms. Single Mama wrote a post today that really spoke to me. She said that she keeps feeling like something is missing in her new relationship and it turns out to be drama, disrespect, etc. -- basically, the bad boy factor.

She said:
“I’m not all giddy, crazy, head in the clouds in love with him like I normally am with men. Instead we’re just slowly developing this deep friendship and I feel very calm.”

“That’s okay. It’s normal and very adult. You just need to re-learn some things, re-learn how you see things and feel things, that’s all. We can fix this kiddo!”

I TOTALLY got this! I think I'm realizing more and more that a lot of my relationship issues come from MY reaction to what I think the person should be doing based on my imprinting not based on any realistic understanding of who they are. Now I am NOT saying that BECG2 is "the one" or that we have a future. But I need to stop sabotaging the fun time we are having because something is missing. He is kind to me. He makes me laugh. I really enjoy sex with him. So I need to QUIT the racing mind "what is missing? what is missing? what is missing?", at least for right now.


Mama Dawg said...

Good luck with that. I still have problems with it. But having been single for so long now, I might be ready to enter into an acutal honest to goodness relationship.


T said...

I agree.. I loved her post as well.

We're all trying to figure ourselves out... all of us on our own quests...

Hugs to you, my friend. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Mike said...

It takes time to come off the drama drug. When something is always happening it's hard to accept change.