Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cast of Characters

For those of you who didn't follow my other blog (and, ha-ha, even for those of you who did), here is the cast of characters for this one.

GG - me (Giving Girl)
X - Ex-husband
Be-bop - Son (5)
BECG2 - Guy I'm seeing (Blue-Eyed Cardiac Guy #2) (#1 and #2 work for the same hospital system on opposite sides of Big City)
BECG1 - FWB (Blue-Eyed Cardiac Guy #1)
Webcam Guy - FWB Christian friend who wants to save my soul
Mr. Speed - Man who wants me to move to Oregon to be his lover
Mr. Nobody - First Post-Divorce Sex
Mr. Arrogant - Selfish Sex man

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