Thursday, October 2, 2008

New Addiction? [ADULT CONTENT]

This site says it's impossible but I'm starting to wonder if I've become addicted to my vibrator. LOL. Ever since my divorce, I have been hyper-sexual, hence Webcam Guy, BECG2 for regular sex and last Saturday night's rendezvous with my good buddy, BECG1, who needed a good lay and got one. None of these guys (or the two one-night stands before them - Mr. Nobody and Mr. Arrogant) gave me what I needed. Webcam Guy has anger issues, especially when it comes to his ex. BECG2 is a big guy and has some medical issues but boy does he have a nice-sized penis that hits all the right spots. :) Unfortunately his skills in terms of what works for me aren't that great so I end up having to use the vibrator to finish. Similar problem with BCEG1, who has some serious ED issues. He does have some nice compensating skills but, whether from the damn anti-BowChickaBowWow drugs or his down attitude, I couldn't finish with him alone. The only awesome post-divorce sex was a full-day marathon with Mr. Nobody after a wicked hot night of phone/webcam sex and then he never called again. Sigh... Oh and Mr. Speed was texting me some hot shit but now he has found a girlfriend. So never mind. That's okay, though. He is too damn far away. I can't even get to the other side of my huge town (especially with all these traffic lights down!) so how am I going to get to Oregon?

Anyway, my vibrator is a very expensive, top-of-the-line model from Babeland and that's what worries me. Think you can get addicted to them? My guess is that I just haven't met a guy who turns me on enough. I keep picking "safe" guys. My ex knew how to push my buttons but he also DEMANDED that I let him get me off with oral sex at least four nights/week before he could finish himself. If I asked him to just do his part, he'd get furious. I guess some women wouldn't complain about that. My therapist says its abusive. All I know is that when it was good, it was DAMN GOOD! And probably the only part of my marriage I miss. But now I wonder if I will ever find good sex again without bringing my toy to bed?

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