Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rearing its Ugly Head

Ah, yes, that would be the codependency. I've been bummed tonight. Cleaning, drinking wine, listening to depressing music - wallowing. And did BECG2 call? No. (Okay, so I had my phone off, but no voicemail). Did he read my other blog where I lay it out in a real passive-aggressive way for him (nope - stat checker says no). Do you think he even realizes he pissed me off when he blew me off earlier? Probably not. So why am I so wound up? DAMN IT. And why is he so self-absorbed. And why am I so needy? And why can't I just tell him straight out that I need him to put his work stress aside for a moment and just be there for me. Is that too much to ask? Again, though, fucking codependency. I give, give, give and then resent when he doesn't reciprocate. Fuck.

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Anonymous said...

it always seems that you are always putting out and never receiving. I think everyone feels that way.
maybe he will figure it out.