Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Relationship ADD

I am reading a book called "101 Things I Learned After My Divorce" by Tomi Tuel. Tuel describes a phenomenon known as Relationship ADD, which is where your benchmark for love is off-center after loving and healing the wrong way. Questions to ask yourself include:

1) Do you accuse your current love for no appropriate reason of having the same failings as your former spouse?
2) Do you scare off potential partners with the sordid details of your crazy ex?
3) Do you reveal too much about your vindictive tendencies?
4) Do you openly make derogatory statements about the opposite sex to the opposite sex?
5) Do you list the happiest day of your life as the day your husband hit rock bottom?
6) Do you make it a practice to have sex with more than one person?
7) Do you practice ABC method of dating? A is #1, B is #2, C is #3. A doesn't know about B and C; B knows about A but not C and so on.
8) Do you need a sex buddy in your life regardless of your interest in that person?
9) Do you pick someone to have a relationship with based solely on the charge you feel with them?
10) Do you lose interest in your sex partner after 6 weeks?
11) Do you consider two weeks between relationships as ample time for closure?
12) Do you think dressing for the occasion means dressing so that you can undress onstage later that night?
13) Do you secretly want to be a porn star?
14) Do you think if you tell everyone how great you are over and over, they will eventually believe it?
15) Do you want a new boat and plan to name it Babe Magnet or Midlife Crisis?

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