Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Orgasm Therapy

I have had a shitstorm of a year.  All of which came to a head last week in a huge way.  After a few days of trying to sort things out, things are looking a bit better but I was still tied in knots and feeling sick to my stomach.  So yesterday I decided to engage in a little orgasm therapy.  Took the day off from my Cymbalta (okay, so that was an accident but I am definitely going to try it again sometime because that crap doesn't kill my super-strong drive, just reduces sensation - female ED).

Anyway, I got BECG2 in the mood by taking him to Frys to help me pick out a replacement camera for my stolen one.  When we got home, he was on fire.  Almost took me right there against the wall in his living room before the dog started barking and broke the mood.  He dragged me to his room, threw me down on the bed and gave me one of those kisses that makes every nerve ending stand up and scream for more.  I spent a good long time enjoying his deliciousness and then hopped on top so that I could take some for me.  OMG, I have never been with a guy who has hit my g-spot like that with only his member.  Surprises me every time he is inside me.  Mmmm.

So I got mine (and then some) and then we lay in bed talking for almost an hour.  Usually he is pretty exhausted by that time of night but the next thing we knew it was 1130.  He walked me to my car and gave me another toe-curling kiss goodbye.  Well his sex drive is much lower than mine.  He can usually only go once whereas one orgasm just gets me energized and ready for more.  I went home and got online.  Started reading the Best Sex Bloggers blog and, next thing I knew, I was ready to go again.  Took out the Gigi and the We-Vibe along with the warming lube and took it nice and slow.  Holy crap, did I come hard and wet.  By then it was 115 and I collapsed into my pillows with a highly contented sigh.  Woke up this morning with my stomach far less knotted, ready to face the day.  And wanting more.

Bottom line: orgasm therapy is a great stress reliever.  Getcha some.

Now if I could just find a male sex slave to be at my beck and call since BECG2 can't work it right now until his medical issues are resolved and my webcam buddy decided he needed to stop engaging in "sinful" activities and return to God.  Oh and BECG1, with the HellaGood G-spot finger move lives too far away, is off seeing his daughter every other weekend, and has worse potency issues than BECG2.  Sigh...
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Mike said...

One of the best ways to relax and pass the time.

T said...

Yeah, I've used that therapy myself few times. Sometimes I just want to fuck and cry. Other times, I just want to take the edge off. Its good stuff, either way.

Let me know where to find the sex slaves. I could use one too.

Mama Dawg said...

That always takes the edge off for me.

Damn, I need to find some of those blogs.

travelling, but not in love said...

The best way to take the edge off. To get a boost - ego, adrenaline, happiness, whatever.

Really, what doesn't an orgasm do for us? Give me an empty afternoon and a box of kleenex....