Thursday, November 20, 2008


Overslept. Missed BeBop's therapy session. Got a lecture/guilt trip from the doctor. Talked her out of charging me $140 for missing. Thank God! On my way to work, late, sure to get shit from my boss. Webcam guy texted me this morning telling me to have a blessed day. I am having a stress-induced hypersexual day and wish he wasn't on his friend kick. Sigh... If only BEcG2 had texting abilities. But all he would say is probably "hey babe.". Nothing inspirational. Oh well. Looks like I am in for a late night at work anyway so I may as well throw this energy/frustration into that. Becg2 came over yesterday afternoon while I was working from home to drop off something I needed. The ex would never have passed up a kid-free afternoon with my bed mere feet away to at least have a quickie if nothing else. BECG2 just gave me a quick kiss and left. I know, I could have asked for it. I tried giving him a sensual hug to see if he would take it to the next level but no dice. I hate being the one who initiates all the time. Makes me feel undesirable.

I did go on that date last Thursday night. Ended very badly with my car getting broken into. And the guy was nice enough but there were zero sparks. Darn. I really like BECG2 but the sex drive thing is a huge problem. And I am damn needy right now so his inability to express his emotions drives me crazy.

Okay, vent post over.
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T said...

Yep. Yep. And um... YEP.

Right there with ya.

I'm no help at all, am I?