Monday, November 24, 2008

The Sweetest Christmas Gift

Do you have a newly divorced friend, a spouse or a significant other out there who could use a little holiday cheer? After my divorce, I went out looking for some information and products to help me get through the lonely nights. For years I'd either visited local stores or Good Vibrations. Then I found Babeland. With its clean, easy-to-navigate web site, instructional guides and product reviews, it was exactly what I was looking for! And, bonus, they have lots of sales and are typically cheaper than Good Vibes (and less cheesy than the local stores). I have purchased a Gigi, a WeVibe and an awesome lube and have been exceptionally pleased with the whole purchase experience. I called them to order the GiGi and the sales people were excellent - very knowledgeable. So go pick up one of the gift sets, a gift card or a special toy for your friend/spouse/SO today!

1 comment:

Mama Dawg said...

yeah, I need some new toys myself. Not newly divorced but happily single. Same thing!