Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I had one today.  Felt so low all morning.  Got to my therapist's office at 11 a.m. only to find the doors locked and no one at home.  Started crying and didn't stop for 20 minutes.  Went to CVS for chocolate and Monistat (yep, having a FANTASTIC week).  Therapist called to see if I could come right then to see her so I turned around and went.  Spent 30 minutes wailing in her office about how overwhelmed, in pain (neuropathy sucks!) and generally bummed I am right now.  Now I'm back at work and, again, just completely down and out of it.  :(  And I cannot find my fucking phone now!*(&^!  This after I lost it last week and had to file a police report and get a replacement.  Another one arrived today.  I am soooooo depressed.  I have class today and don't know if I can even face that.  I just want to lay down and cry.


Mama Dawg said...

Awww...what can I do to make you feel better? Sing? No, wait, that'll make you feel worse.

T said...

Yeah me too.

Misery loves company sometimes right?

I'm right there with you. Today. Tomorrow? Hopefully better.