Wednesday, October 15, 2008


BECG2 finally IM'd me last night. It is a small thing but it makes me
feel good that he remembered.

This week has been insanely busy so far. I can't believe it is only
Wednesday! I honestly haven't had time to feel anxious about X's
return. I'm sure it would be there if I allowed myself to think about
it. I need to wear a snap bracelet and snap myself every time he
reacts to something. Must remember that the only emotions I can
control are my own. There are several things he may flip out over,
like garnished wages for back child support, a scratch on his truck,
the fact that his grill mysteriously "disappeared", and, most
importantly, the "shit sandwich" (BECG2's term) of my new
relationship. May snap my wrist skin into a bloody pulp....

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T said...

Whew girl. Hang in there!