Sunday, October 12, 2008

We-Vibe Initial Review

So I tried the We-Vibe with BECG2 and it was pretty nice albeit a bit awkward. I think the key is to move a lot and try to forget it's there. The friction is important. The other thing is that we couldn't quite figure out which side should be up. BECG2 did say that he thought it made him last longer, which he liked. Anyway, we tried it the night before I got my period a freaking week early (damn stress!) so we will try again when I'm in a better spot in my cycle.

I did, however, try it again alone today along with my Gigi vibe and a visit to For the Girls for a little inspiration. Holy crap! May not need a man for a while now... ;)

I'll get back to you all on the We-Vibe with a partner once I try it again.

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T said...

I so dig For the Girls...