Sunday, October 12, 2008


So this guy expressed interest on I bit. Sent two questions, as did he. His response to my question about jobs you wish you had tried included Porn Star. I sent him an e-mail, laughing, and jokingly responded that I always thought I should be a sex therapist. So then he sends me an e-mail saying "You seem down-to-earth, direct and honest. You don't seem like a stalker type so here's my number. Call me." Ummm... He's hot and could be good for sex but you'd think if he was interested in more, he'd have conversed more. And I'm not really into calling guys. Hate when they do that. So not sure what to do next.

Today's my last day on All of a sudden everyone and their mother is winking at me!! WTH?!? I think Match must send covert operates in to make that happen. LOL.

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