Thursday, October 23, 2008

Signs of the times

The economy must truly suck. Whereas there is usually a super-long
line, for the past week or two there has been almost no wait at my
local starbucks drivethrough.

Last night we had to take bebop to the emergency room after he started
wailing at karate about severe stomach pains. He cried for two hours,
threw up some nasty green thick stuff and then felt better. Lab work
came back fine so we are watching him. $100 for that.

Today I will re-enroll in my hmo. Going to cost 10% coinsurance now
for x-rays and such. Better than the 20% the ppo charges for a sicko
like me, but still!

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1 comment:

T said...

Yikes. The stomach pains would be scary!! Hope he's feeling better soon.