Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have been in a good mood this week, bouyed by my newfound ability to
set some boundaries with X. He is not testing them too hard, mind
you. When he does, that will be the real challenge. I also need to
work on not letting him irritate me. That gives him too much power..

Last night I worked some of that irritation off with BECG2. Fun.
Trying to come up with a sexy outfit so I can surprise him when I get
to the hotel friday night but I may just go with lace panties, bra and
thigh-highs under a dress. I can't help but feeling a little anxious
over this weekend. I have seen a few tiny glimpses of Becg2s romantic
side but it really isn't like him to be mushy. I like mush. I think
he knows that. So we will see. I don't want to have to ask for it
because then it is forced. If he can't do it naturally, then I will
just enjoy this pasatiempo and keep my eyes open for a man who can
give me what I need instead of just basking in the afterglow of, as he
calls it, my "mad skillz".

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T said...

I'm all about the mad skillz girl. I did more porno sex skillz this weekend than I ever knew I could. Good stuff. Mush? I love it too. I was hoping for more but well, you know...