Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hiding out

Becg2 and I had a good talk. I feel happier about being in the now.

In other news, my father continues to blindside us. He is bioplar.
After years of responsibility, he has suddenly cracked up and is no
longer the man I knew. He has spent months getting up and dressed for
work and hiding at the library. When we figured it out, he got help
and medication, worked things out with his job, etc. We thought he
was getting better. This morning he left at 630. At 815, after
dropping my son off at school, my mother went to the bagel place and
guess who was in front of her in line? You guessed it. :(

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1 comment:

T said...

Oh, that is sad about your dad. Gosh... your poor mom. :(

I'm glad you're able to talk to your man. Hopefully things will get better with the air cleared.